Advertise my DarkRP Server

I have been having trouble getting players on my DarkRP server. We have custom jobs, extra guns, and some other cool mods (like PCMod). How can we get more players? I have no clue where to advertise or anything. Also, is down, so we can’t get any more addons until its up. Any ideas on how to populate our server?

Go to the games in progress section, advertising is allowed there.

You won’t get anyone on because we have enough downtown v2 servers with “extra guns”

What gamemode for roleplaying do you suggest we do then?

Open Aura script. I got some ideas that might fit for you. If you enjoy “Role-playing”.
-Half-Life 2. [City 8 with Taco N Banana Model-Pack]
-Apocalypse [Mainly the afterlife of HL2, or Fallout.]
-Zombie RP, [Could take place in a city with the feeling of Killing Floor or L4D2]

I’m up for ideas if you need anymore.

Im looking for the most reailstic, while still being fun, kind of roleplay out there. Im also confused. What do you mean by “Open Aura script” and half-life 2?