Advertise your map/other thing with me

I’m making a futuristic map for the train contest, but I need some advertisements to put in.
So, if you have something you want to advertise, make an image for me to use.
Sizes should be 1024x512, 512x1024, 1024x256, 256x1024, or something along those lines.

Any takers?

Can I advertise useless crap?

Fucking do it.

dimensions are 128 x 512, if you want i can throw you all the vmt/vmf’s i have it in different colours and everything.

Damnit I was going to do futuristic, heh

I cannot decide between a city on earth or a spaceport-type thing.


Put it in…

okay. Give me some images of just the ads


Just give me on without the “getting fucked in the head”

its the brand, take it or leave it.

You have to use that, it’s fantastic.

I tried with GIMP, but I failed so I put what I did so far in with a photoshop file, GIMP file, png file, and jpg file. It’s all in the .zip folder.

Finish it if you want.

Can i use these in my map too?

Btw does a material have to be translucent for selfillum to work? Cause that’s what it is for me



Uh? It is either [img] or [img_thumb]

Not a mix of both.

dimensions need to be powers of 2

Thats roleplay words :smug:

Yes we know, most people are intelligent enough to follow the link. :downs:

Roleplay world :v:

No shit