Advertisements on billboards. (?)

I was out mowing my lawn thinking about GMOD when I thought,“Would it be possible to make a bit of code that uses the CS:S Billboard model as a screen (Similar to a wirescreen or Playx screen) for a static advertisement?” (And by that I mean an actual legitimate advertisement).

I mean, I hate advertisements but having 1 or 2 of those on a map such as DownTown on an RP server could help support a server without having to rely on solely cash from ad’s on their website. This would be set up however to disallow those idiotic talking/video advertisements.

Just a thought.

Edit: Also, please don’t post any code here proving it’s possible. Just say if it would theoretically be possible because the last thing I’d want is to have someone paste a code that get’s used by every idiot under the sun to make advertisement servers that are designed to farm money.

Well it is possible, but will you get paid for that?

No idea. I was just wondering if it was possible. If it does work, it could possibly work well for helping keep a server running. (paying for server rent)

You could host a web page with an ad set up through Google then use a 2D3D html panel displaying that page.

I’m not sure if that will work though, worth a shot though.

It does work, there’s addons that can use an image from the internet, like higvoltage wrote.

If you used adsense you could be naughty and just open the webpage invisibly, so that nobody even knows it is there.