Advice for leading a clan?

Hello all,

I’ve been running a clan for a while and I have decided to diversify to Rust while my other officers attend to their relevant games. I’ve played Rust for nearly 400 hours now, but all of it has been solo.
Literally ALL of it.

I made a trustworthy ally and I have given him the responsibility of being my director of operations (SPMC term for game unit leader) but both of us are oblivious on how the bloody hell to do this.
The list of things I need advice on (preferably from experience) are:
Recruiting, housing, gearing, management, who to trust (and who not to trust), weaponry, roles, raiding and counter raiding.
We already have established our uniform.

Many thanks,


Recruiting: there is a subreddit specifically for finding people to play rust with. I personally would only properly ally with two types of people. #1 - Experienced players with a lot of hours. Or #2 - Someone who is very good at pvp.

Housing: Depends on how you want to play, There’s 3 main play styles for clans in rust, it’s either one ridiculously big hard to raid base for the whole clan. One main base for the clan and a few support bases/towers. Or lastly seperate bases for all clan members usually very close to one another or all inside a compound. Your choice.

Gearing: The best possible gear set in rust is - Pants, Hoodie, Facemask, Chest Plate, RoadSign Kilt and either gloves or boots, gloves are probably a better choice for pvp as your hands are more likely to be hit then your feet.

Management: Not exactly sure what you mean, but probably just one leader, a few officers (second in charge) and just leave every one else equal depending on how many members you have.

Who to trust: It’s rust, trust no one, always suspect they’re going to backstab you. At first anyway.

Weaponry: Bolt action is by far the best weapon in the game, it’s cheap, accurate, has good range, and can be lethal if you’re a good enough shot with it. Custom SMG is probably the best gun for short range, it’s very accurate and has an extremely fast rate of fire. Semi auto rifle isn’t the best, but being extremely cheap makes it quite a good gun. Pump shotgun is great for short range, but I’d much rather a Custom SMG. Don’t bother with the AK unless you have a ridiculous amount of high quality, the high cost plus it’s disgusting recoil just make it a terrible gun unless you’re very skilled with it.

Roles: Leaders, Gatherers, and Builders.

Raiding: Rather then raiding massive bases that require a lot of explosives, you’re probably better off using the explosives to raid a few medium sized bases instead. Most clans go for the massive bases, and half the time you won’t get half as much Sulfur back as you put into it.

Counter raiding: Not exactly sure what you mean. Also in my 1700 hours I’ve never actually been involved in a counter raid, so I can’t provide any info on that at all.

This might not have even helped you at all, but I was bored so I thought I’d have a crack at helping you.

Feel free to add me on steam if you want to ask more questions, I like to think I have a lot of experience and know a lot about the game.

Alright, all of this seems really good. I sent you a friend request by the way so I can rack your brain for everything useful.
Many, many thanks.
Also the semi auto rifle with explosive 556 is a perfect, perfect weapon.

AK is really good, but you shouldn’t play above 30cm/360, else you’re going to lift and readjust the position of your mouse way too often. I would say 20-30cm/360 to be the sweet spot for having good precision while high enough sensitivity to make the recoil controllable. Just get used to dragging your aim downwards as you shoot. Going on “battlefield” servers is a great place to practice.


Personal opinion my friend, ours are both very different.

I can control the recoil of the AK just fine, but with the high cost and the fact you have to be able to control the recoil I just don’t see a point in using it, it’s a horrible gun in my honest opinion, not even close to being worth 50 high quality. I would take a custom smg over an AK any, the AK is disgusting to use.

I’m a very accurate shot, and have a tendency to land a lot of headshots, so the bolt action is perfect for me.

So far my clan is running great we kinda merged slowly into 10+ People.

about Recruiting This is the Subreddit you can find everything from total noob to 3k+ Veteran there, its just a bit random in my oppinion i tend to collect people i like.

Gearing Depends on everyone Individual Some will prefer Boltys over Aks and Some will go for shotguns.

Managment: Me and my 2 Old friends are managing the Core GP/Sulfur rest is FFA.

Trust: Dont invite random people to play with them Build them a trial base or something like that.

Weaponry: You need players with Bolts thats a must. AK do fit the gap but there is nothing more really to say.

Roles: Leaders, /Roam Lead/ Raid Lead/ Everyone has to gather.

Raiding: Go for Medium Bases they are mostly the best if you need ressources but if you have a neighbour clan go destroy them before they do it to you.

Counter Raids are by far the best things that could happen to you if you come by, Definetly try (Free Explosives and Gear if youre Sucessful)
got once 24 rockets cuz we snuck up them while hacking inside the base.

Ok, thanks for all of the support.
I got a friend who just got the game to do some research for me and he managed to wipe out some geared players naked with a semirifle + explosive ammo - I deduce semirifle + explo ammo as f**king overpowered.
Would a loadout/class system be an idea? Recons wear x uniform and use y guns, pointsmen wear x uniform and use y guns etc…?

And also any advice for finding C4 BP? One week of harvesting water treatment has done buggerall and everyone on the server’s too self obsessed to trade a C4 bp, I’ve even offered 10 AKs for one! (I found those but not C4! D:<)

Thanks guys,

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Roam lead? Like a patrol?

My advice:

Be over 18 IMO or people won’t take you seriously.
Have over 1500, 1000 at minimum.
Get at least 1 builder.
Have people from all over the world if you’re going to be a big clan, get a range from Australians, Americans and Europeans.
Get a mixture of farmers and pvpers, always best to get more pvpers IMO.

We are a clan of 7-10 people. Recruitement was not really an issue because we all knew each other either IRL or from WoW guilds, so I can’t really advise on this other for the fact that, over time, we have made a few valuable allies in Rust which we allow to tag along on the perimeter of our compound. They do not have access to the main base or supplie depots, but they can roam freely inside the compound (different codes for the high external gates).

The most important part IMO about a successful guild is having a few people for each player niche. You absolutly have to have a few FPS nerds who excel in PvP, a few PvE geeks who enjoy farming and a few creative/thorough builders who will design the toughest to raid buildings and do the maintenance on the compound while keeping the chests clean and your loot well stocked.

Of course, everyone has to participate in the gathering, but those PvP nerds will most likely get bored about it pretty fast and can contribute with roaming. On a server reset, we always send those 2-4 people on BPs duty while the rest farms like mad with one guy on household duty responsible of crafting stuff and building the base while the other bees bring materials to the hive. We stay focused and by24-48 hrs we usually have almost every library pattern (you’ll find some during the farming and learn the rest by pooling them on one single guy) and a medium sized compound with the first draft of our main base that will get upgraded progressively to a monster one. Usually, by day 3 we start farming choppers. During the first few days, it is also a good thing to keep an eye opened for smaller bases with wooden doors. We usually crash the place with bows and arrows (5 guys only need to shoot 40 arrows at a door to break it) and gather some decent loot.

Most clans I have seen only manage to stay on top for less than a week post-reset, because once they have build a decent-sized base, no one wants to farm anymore and they’d rather roam for eternity and shoot people in their base for hours. They never get enough mats to make a reasonnable amount of C4 and they can’t raid sh*t but noobs, get bored and quit, waiting for the next reset.

The only downside when you have a performant clan is that if there is no other such clan on your server, you will quickly dominate the server and it get a little boring, which is the case this reset for us.

My clan has 20+ ppl all over 25+ year olds add me on steam if you want to be part of it we play on 400+ pop servers and we rock!

Many thanks. My co-leader and I have discovered a few recruits and us two being the most active on the server we see a few victims for raids. When we’re the biggest on the server, our PvP guys will act as tax collectors as we plan to tax everyone on a bi-daily basis. My co-leader will work as a combat leader while I hang back and play a support/management role. We’re not all going to be PvP scrubs as I take note on the downfalls you’ve observed. I’m more of a PvE/Management guy myself.

Thanks everyone for the help. :smiley:


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We’re a smaller group planning to take over a smaller server;
Thanks for your invite however.


Roaming is patroling on the Map killing everything that passes by thats effectiv if youre group is good at pvp, but this is something you have train till it works very good.

I did a little roaming yesterday. Collected debts from some people who owed me shit;
they paid with their lives.

Roaming is also establishing a “fear-zone” in the outskirts of your compound so other players think twice before adventuring in your neighborhood, making the life of your gatherers more secure and the proximal ressources more abundant. Usually, we settle near a monument with a pump jack and, pretty fast, almost no one comes to that monument other than a few fuel thieves or new players who don’t know about us. Often, just building a few sniping towers will scare people away even if they’re empty.

We’ve done that. Culled all of the nearby soloers.
Most of the server is terrified of me.

Ok, so we got to a strength of 20 and 10 of the fuckers start a massive fight and try to take over the base.
Incendiary rockets indoors in an armoured base = my saviour.

Best weapon set to go with is boltie and pump shotgun, the boltie has the obvious advantages that it can take people out at 200m with a scope on it and the pump shotgun is just lethal at most ranges if using slugs, just make sure to always carry slugs and buckshot though as buckshot will rek anything that moves at close range. Smg’s are terrible guns and the only people that use them are the unskilled players as the have almost zero recoil.

Start small and garner a reputation for being efficient and ruthless, this will make your clan seem more attractive and will help with recruitment. Ensure your starting 5ish members have equal authority and power close to your own; this will make them feel more attached to the clan and presents an incentive to expend more time and effort on its betterment.
Once you have a considerable amount of clan members (around 10) implement a red uniform. This is effective as they are easy to obtain, give off the impression of hosility to your enemies or those who don’t know you and leaves the impression of warmth and comfort in your friends.
Begin assigning roles to your starting/founding members such as: Logistics (handling of resources, maintenance, etc), Diplomat (contact and relations with other players/groups) and so forth but ensure YOU remain in control of the military (raids, weapons and armour).

Lets take a step back and look a bit more at organisation…
In the beginning you and your gang should aim to sport the best possible gear in the game (Metal Face/Chest, Roadsign Kilt, Gloves, Hoodie and normal Pants) and gear toward weapon/armour creation, in moderation of course. It is no good being decked out with AKs and whatnot while living in a wooden hut. Bolties and Pump shotties should be primaries for defence. AKs, Tommies/SMGs (high rate of fire) and Pump shotties should be primary for offensive. Everything else is grey.
Your base design and size is up to your own discretion but make sure to setup a dedicated Armoury that houses a considerable amount of high tier items (HQM, AKs, etc) that only you and your higher ups have access to (this will be important later on). Delegate tasks that force your higher ups to stay indoors (maintenance, crafting, sorting) while you lead raids with the core of your clan. This creates familiarity and goodwill for you and distances your higher ups while not compromising on efficiency. That should do it for organisation, the rest is up to you.

At around about 15-20 members the real work kicks in. Before that, however, try to make an alliance with a smaller, weaker group and solidify that. At this point you should have a solid core of members and a petite group of higher ups who manage important things and trust you/respect you. Now it is time to create some drama, begin subtly hinting as dissidence and corruption in the petite high ‘class’, perhaps singling out a particular member. If you have any people in the core group that you trust completely give them some idea of what kind of dissidence/corruption (alleged purloining of resources, espionage, fraternisation) and hopefully they will spread this around to other core members. Dismiss any concerns that the high ‘class’ raise as rumour to ensure continued cooperation.
After some time (up to you) produce screenshots of missing goods or what have you and begin a purging of the high ‘class’. It is most effective if you get the core members to do it otherwise they may later have a lack of faith in leadership. Destroy their beds, change codelocks, kill them. You can choose to place some blame on the small, weak allies saying something along the lines of “the higher ups were going to steal our stuff and join them”. This creates another group to scapegoat, focuses the clan on something new and generates fun.
Announce to the clan that they have been removed for so and so reason and set, but not necessarily name, yourself as Dictator (or Autocrat, if that sounds better to you) of the clan, delegating small tasks and roles to the core members but not enough to grant them equal or greater authority/power than you.

It is paramount that you alone have access to the bulk of essential resources/items, handing these out in moderated quantities when needed so the group remains self-sufficient but nevertheless making sure you hold all the cards.
Create a hegemony and set objectives/projects such as a war to destroy a rival group, create a new compound and so forth to stop stagnation and continue growth.

There, you now have a fun, organised, efficient and democratic group.