Advice from other server admins


I’m the owner of a couple of rust servers and all is good there.
However, when someone is accused of cheating, how do you guys handle it?

I mean, it’s easy to accuse someone, and yes it’s possible to TP, use godmode and invisible armor to watch the player.
But then again, how do you determin that someone is actually using cheats? I have personally used the above method, but i haven’t seen anyone super jumping, speed hacking etc. yet.
So, maybe they don’t use it anymore at that time, or maybe he was accused by a whining player.

Looking forward to hear from other server admins. :slight_smile:

You could check out his profile, a lot of cheaters tend to put it on private. This doesn’t rly determine if he’s cheating but it kinda helps.

Yes. I also put the FixYourName addon on the server as many cheaters used wierd characters.
But yet again, there’s no real proff of cheating, no matter if they have a private steam profile, using special characters etc.

The only way to do it , Is to see it for yourself.
Thats why they give you “Invisible armor” and a teleport.
Thats the only real way to know for sure
i have a No private Profile policy on my server that helps weed out some.

Ok… Thanks. I will consider the private profil policy as well. :slight_smile:

Having a private steam profile or other languages than plain english in your profile is a no-no these days huh?
Everyone with a chinese/korean/japanese/etc. name gets kicked from almost all oxide servers. Very silly in my opinion.

What does having a private profile have to do with cheating?

You cant see that they have vac bans on record.

It still displays VAC bans… lol don’t post if you have no idea wtf you’re saying

People make their profile private on Rust so you can’t tell who they’re grouped up with.

The fact is when someone gets killed they get very frustrated, quite often out of anger they shout hacker, when they pm me i ask them for prof.
If they cant give it to me i put this argument to them, If someone in chat calls you a hacker should i ban you?. the fact is hackers sooner or later hang them selfs and the thing to do is look at the players who play on your server all the time, when your getting 3 or 4 complaints about the same person constantly that is normally a good sign there is something up.

There is no good way to find hackers you just have to rely on your judge meant, if you see a single guy get 3 kills in like 2 seconds then thats a warning sign you have to play it by ear.
I have had guys be abusive to me in chat because i wont ban someone on there say so, at the moment there is no hard and fast way to find these guys, i just hope that there can be some sort of punk buster program in the future.

Players have to understand that the admins are up against it at the moment, and they have to be a little patient with us, its impossible to be everywhere at once and there is very little you can do if the guys you are following in your invisible Armour is using esp, they wont be using the speed hack if they can see us following them. i can only hope that the tools to detect third part programs will be in the beta version of this game , Fingers crossed.

Are all 27 of your posts responding to someone and belittling them? Yes, it still displays VAC bans, but you have no idea how old the account is, unless you use a website to break down the ID and give a rough guess. You have no idea if it’s the only game on the account. These things are used for helping figuring out if someone is hacking or not.

A new account with only rust on it and no friends who walks around everywhere killing people and destroying things, there is a higher chance that person is cheating, rather than someone who has a 10 year account with 150 friends, and 40 different games on their account. Sure, not a guarantee, but it def. helps in deciding if you want to ban them or not.