Advice Needed from Friendly people


Ive recently bought a server, its set up as darkrp ovis city but I cant get myself admin lol, Ive got this server because Im tired of those idiots who join rp servers as if its a death match server. Im in need of afew MATURE friends who know about server hosting that can send me a friend invite and help me test this server out for bugs and help me get it working as a good rp server for people who enjoy role playing !

Ive never hosted a PC game before as ive always been a Playstation gamer But because of the orange box on the ps3 I decided to get gmod and all halflife stuff on pc to keep me entertained untill ep3 witch im looking forward to.

For the mature gamers thinking of helping me out with this im not a teenager, Im in my mid-late 20’s so any gamers of similar age or older willing to help and want a decent rp server to play on please add me.

Id be online for the next few hours.

my steam user name is johnjohn1983

Did you try to look around in the files? Maybe you even need to add your self into the group of “superadmin”.

Its ok, Someone added me and helpped, was very greatfull, he explained how to make a users.txt file and to upload it to server. Very Greatfull for his time to help me, there are decent gamers out there.

Soret - Thanks for your reply, add me if you fancy playing on the server Ive set up.

Good night, its 2:30am here in the UK.