Advice on making detailed buildings?

I keep trying to make nice buildings but they always turn out repetitive and blocky. Does anybody have some tips for making nice looking buildings?

Try to study some architecture pictures, add more brushes even models.

use the clipping tool to make architecture, and try to do some trimming on the edges to get rid of the blocky and boring look. try to have a variation of textures, not just the same fucking window texture like in most city maps.

also, when you’re done and you have a lot of brushes in the building, make them a func_detail.

cuts down the compile time.


And that’s what I get for being tired while reading.

I think you confused clipping tool with carve…


You’re talking about the carve tool.

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Someone copy pasta something they heard the cool guys talking about, but that same someone also messed up and switched the tool names :v:

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Add lighting. You will already be miles ahead of Shadow2026 aka Mr. Fullbright.

Sounds like someone’s learning from a particular 3klikphilip…

Holy hell, people just can’t leave that topic to rest can they?

Says the guy who just re-brought it up again.

Your wrong there. Clipping is fine and is a tool worth utilizing.

yea, just mind that don’t clip anything than makes micro brushes

ITT: People confuse carve with the clipping tool.

What carve does is remove any parts of other brushes, from the selected brush. So say you had a wall inside another wall at a different angle. Select one of the walls, right click > carve, and there are no brushes interfering with one another.This method creates laggy maps, and microbrushes which add a great deal to the compile time.

What the clipping tool does, is clip or separate and parts of the selected brush accordingly to what you drew with the line on one of the 2D views. The clipping tool is a much better way to make blocky maps have a bit of detail, and it doesn’t create microbrushes if you use it properly.

Damnit, I meant CARVE is bad. This is why I need to stop reading and posting while being tired.

clip, arch, and vertex are you friends.

You should get reference pictures from

You can either use one picture, and just copy the entire building or just mash together loads of different features from different buildings.