Advice Requested & More

To start it off I’ve done it again I’m starting from scratch on the sbsuit, I know you might just see it as a pointless thing to do but I strive to Improve what I make and Present to always improve I can’t do it alone I Need You for advice and suggestions also
I’ve been doing lots of topology practice exercises but I’m open to ideas for making things to practice and make below Ill attach the Suit I’m working on and also a tidbit of what I did when I was bored to practice.
Also to Mr. @garry Is a V3 of the model ever going to happen and also will it different enough that it required a Complete Overhaul of the model or massive reworks to it?

Attached below here is where I’m at with the remake per say.

Low poly Calf armor



High poly Calf armor



As mentioned above a preview of what I’ve been doing to practice topology.



So that’s what I’ve been up to besides finals for school, again feel free to suggest changes or and ideas.


Topology confuses me. Can’t wrap my head around optimal polygon configurations.

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Ideal topology is all quads you start with the low poly to make the details, try to have clean flow in your topology also for uv mapping to visualize it look at something on your desk and look at it and try to figure out how you would have it as a flat sheet if you were to cut it at seams. hope this helps you some what

Starting over is almost never a waste of time, sometimes all you need is to redo everything with the new knowledge you gained.

If I were to give some advice, I would say: don’t worry about having all of the topology attached, especially for parts that aren’t supposed to bend, some parts are better off left as their own separate pieces in the mesh, for example when trying to integrate them would be too difficult or it would mess with topology / require too many loopcuts.

Also edge split modifier, that’s useful for the absolute edgiest parts, it will split the mesh if you apply it (or on export), but it won’t matter this time, even if the part bends.

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also im in vc doing it this is where im at btw

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Iam currently learning 3d modelling and everything is pretty new to me.
My question is, how detailed should my model be so how many tris / verts? It is a weapon model for the players view not world view.

Your initial model should be pretty low poly you usually make a secondary model which then you have a subdivision surface modifier which then you add in the details or you can hard surface it if you really know what you’re doing but what I say is just practice and then just do exercises to improve your topology practice also in the event that you don’t like what you’re doing always be willing to rework it or completely throw it out the window

thanks for the advice