advise on a VPS

so I’m currently looking into buying a DS for hosting multiple servers. I already have a pretty good idea of how much ram I’ll need for it, I’ve checked CPUs between several hosts, I’ve got a good idea of how much storage I’ll need for it, I even know how fast the connection is on the hosts. the one thing however that is troubling me is this bandwidth transfer/m thing. say I had 2 servers on a single DS both at 64 player slots, a derivative gamemode of darkRP, a handful of addons and the content for the server was optimized to where it contained absolutely nothing extra from the addons. how much bandwidth transfer would my server be looking at withing a single month? because I don’t honestly know how much bandwidth transfer I’ll even need. a single game server doesn’t even bother with bandwidth transfer but apparently a DS does so kinda another thing thats annoying me now. any help here?

When I ran my community and there was 65 players on the server it used 10mbps (bit less but don’t remember exact figure). The usual standard of bandwidth is usually 10tb a month - which is plenty.