Advise weapons for the gamemode

Advise any weapons for the game mode, which would not be too strong

What about the AK47?


I am so confused.

physgun and toolgun!

Chaingun that fires babies… on fire!

You’re welcome.

Mad cows weapons, because they so aren’t overused!

Get the Siminov weapons packs and adjust their properties to your liking.

If you like a World War 2 type of gamemode, I suggest what Deprehensio said about Siminov’s Weapons. Get his Resistance and Liberation weapons or if you want it like in a Modern War, you could use his Insurgency/Firearms: Source SWEPs but if you use them, credit him because they’ll think you’ve stole his weapons without permission in a gamemode, just as a heads-up. This should be handy for you, good luck :slight_smile: