Advisor - A flexible open source administration framework


An open source and expandable administration framework for your S&box servers and addons.

But wait, S&box isn’t out yet?!

Indeed, this is written in a somewhat game agnostic fashion so we can port it to S&box once we have access to it.
As such, there likely won’t be a lot of networking, UI, or data storage involved until we’re certain of what we’ll be able to use.

What is λdvisor?

λdvisor (read: Advisor) is an administration addon in heavily development, built to provide the following features to your servers:

  • String based permission system.
  • Moderation commands.
  • Full administrative control of your server through an in-game menu.
  • Logging of user actions such as joining, leaving, chat messages, kills, bans and more.

As well as more down the line once we get more access to S&box. We’re open for suggestions!

I’m a developer, what would λdvisor bring to me?

We’ll be creating a simple to use API to give you access to the following features:

  • Custom commands through simple to use attributes and methods.
  • Querying the permissions service and adding custom permissions.
    • This might change, as it seems S&box might have something included. If that is the case, I’ll probably refactor my system to use S&box’s behind the scenes.
  • Implementing custom logging of your addon’s events.
  • Access to custom events used by λdvisor with possibility of overriding results.
  • And more down the line!

Welp, enough of the README copypasting.

I’ve been working on this for a few weeks, mostly as a fun side project, but also because I like writing tools for other developers to use. Right now, most of the command side of things is implemented, even though I make daily adjustments to it. I’ll be starting work on the permissions system next, which will use minecraft like permission strings, they’re pretty cool (advisor.moderation.ban for example).

Goal is to make a super flexible framework that server owners will be able to use for anything administration wise, and other developers would be able to incorporate in their addons in a simple manner.

The repository is open source and accessible here: GitHub - game-creators-area/Advisor: An open source and expandable administration framework for your S&box servers and addons.
Feel free to contribute!

The main issue I could see happening is Reflection usage being severely restricted, which would render all of the command stuff kapout, except serverside. Hopefully I’ll be surprised ^^


Nice! I like the idea. I’d love that for servers.


Sounds really cool ! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next ^^ !




Don’t ruin it for me


I stumbled upon this from somewhere and thought I’d read this README before heh. Cool to see that there are more people who’ve started coding for S&box without Early Access. I’ll probably contribute some in the future and will be a user. Great job!


Contributors are welcome!

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Nice! Can’t wait to see this on S&box! :video_game:

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Sounds good man, it’s good to see people are already beginning to lay the foundations for gamemodes / utilities for Sandbox so when it does release people can easily get started. Administration is always going to be an important aspect of every public server.


Writing tools is fun


I’m looking forward to having a new moderation tool for a change. I can’t wait to see this getting implemented once access to the game rolls out!


Considering the engine we have now, I am quite if people will get more creative with what they do in terms of anticheat/administration side of things. Plus it’d be nice to finally have a new “Base normal” since majority of people have used ULX on Gmod for so many years.


Yeah that’s the way I feel. It was either you used ULX or bought ServerGuard. It’s going to be a really nice change of pace to be able to have a fresh start. Plus, I like the name so I’m excited for it.


Honestly I just wanna make it something players and developers alike are going to love using, entirely for free.


Hey, does your framework will support custom modules so as to add functionalities to Advisor ?

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You’ll be able to add custom commands, permissions, and probably extend the interface to add more tabs and all. Don’t have access to the game yet so there’s no telling how it’ll look in-game right now.

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Ok thanks for ur reply, i hope you’ll get access to the game soon ahah

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Figured I’d update people using this thread, I’ve finished writing the command handling logic for chat messages, guess I’ll test it with a console app later. Next up is the permissions, which is probably gonna be a lot more fun than command boilerplate.

I’ll also have to start implementing database logic server-side. I’ll be using Entity Framework Core as an ORM for that, I love it.

(Latest commit is this one, enjoy reading my frustration).

Lots of to-dos since I don’t have access, I’ll be addressing them when I do.


I’d love support for the MongoDB driver as well, something I’m using for CivitasRP. If you could make a way for multiple database drivers that’d be great. That way I can write the MongoDB handler and just plug it in.

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I’m pretty sure EFCore has a driver for MongoDB, the issue is we can’t currently use any third party libs and we don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.

Also updating peeps - since I got access I managed to implement Advisor in s&box, and get chat commands somewhat working. It’s a hacky mess since s&box has no chat message event yet, but it works.

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