Advisor Gone

Created in GM_Black, soft lamps…and a purple screen for the background (I know it’s a bit unconventional, but I’m currently trying some new methods)
All kind of feedback would be appreciated

EDIT: Okay, was able to change the format to JPEG, hope this will be better for everyone

why is it a PNG?

cool scenebuild but you should save it as a jpeg and tone down the bloom

Now that you mention it…the thing is, I always link my pictures from my DeviantART Account (because I upload there at the same time) and I always upload in PNG’s over there.
Kind of forgot that I linked to that format, it probably doesn’t make a difference in compression if I had it in JPEG

(quick question from someone who hasn’t been posting here for very long: PNG’s aren’t a big problem here, right?)

it’s common practice to lynch men who upload in the png format

Scene idea is good, but several things hold it back. Most of the rubble is over exposed and burnt with white pixels, this obscures textures and makes all rocks/rubble/organic materials blend together. You also have lots of unwanted pink/green tones (especially on the advisor) which were (probably) caused due to information loss during blending of softlamps, make sure to render them without any fog and lower brightness. You can later decrease each lamp’s brightness by lowering its opacity in Photoshop or increase it by duplicating the render as a screen layer.

it’s seen as a cardinal sin because a few people here have pretty shit bandwidths, and one 1080p PNG leeches all of it

a full quality JPEG without optimisations looks just as good

no, its fucking common practise to convert it into JPEG since it doesnt eat your internet bandwidth
so PNGs are a big problem here

Yeah because it’s fucking pointless.

I see, I’ll look into maybe chaning this one into a JPEG and only uploading JPEG’s from now on
Thanks for the heads’up ^^

Did you do the highest graphics settings for everything? The telephone wires look a bit jagged.

Everything should be on the highest (including Anit-Aliasing)
Though the phonewires are the only things that are that jagged…not sure why that’s the case.

It looks like that because the default material of those hl2 cables is horrible. It has the black-gray-white material and when in distance, it looks like that. You might use SDOF next time to mask it. Or you can just post-edit it.