Advisor Pod crashed into an abandoned building(Scenebuild)

If the editing is not to your liking feel free to take a crack at it, i have no ideas for editing it.
Original:(I did some minor burning)

The buildings don’t really look like they are far away. They just look like the tiny skybox props that they are.

Original is better.

Are you meant to be trolling scene builds?


Hey says youre fuckin bad.
And yes you are.
Try again good buddy.
Ask some good guys here on facepunch who know how to make good stuff.
Just learn and go on.

Camera angle is very odd.

My godlike (not) edit.

Not very good editing… You need to do something like Joazzz has kindly done for you.

People like you make me want to commit fucking suicide,

Did you read the OP?


Learn to then! Instead of crying about it when I say…

Why do people find it a good pastime to tell the poser what to do? it’s their picture.

we want to see something good, not something poor and time wasting.

Is that a scenebuild? You should zoom on the pod more, 'cause we may see the scene. And it would look baaaaaaaaad.

Why do you think it’s a good pastime to rage the fuck out whenever people point out flaws in your pictures or say that you should try some more editing techniques?

Well, I took a crack at editing this. In all honesty, all I did was add some filters and edit the contrast/hue&saturation.

The editing isn’t the only thing wrong with your pic. The scene build is probably the thing that killed it. The buildings are clearly clipping into the ground.

Hello Deathbucket.

That edit is awesome, I have to say. Even though its some blurring, burning/smudging and effects its very good.

I would have been able to edit it better if there was other buildings and maybe cityscape instead of those giant rock walls.

Tips hat to Death Bucket

'Ello chap.