advv dup + wiremod=error

When i paste stuff with wiremod it says failed to create wiremod [object].Please help.

Is Wiremod installed on the server?

no this is single player.i have wiremod

Update Wiremod

wow its updating alot


didnt work


still cant paste wire

do you have SVN or did you just go if so get SVN.

i have svn

Try updating Adv Duplicator

I think you don’t have SVN adv duplicator. Delete your Adv duplicator and get the SVN one.

can you give me a link?

Gore-wrath already gave it. (Adv Duplicator is included in the Wiremod SVN)

i downlded adv dup off garrys

You’re supposed to SVN Checkout your Addons folder…
Read this.

k it works now thanks

DON’T, DO NOT. That adds a bunch of invisible .svn folders that double the size of the addon and makes your GMod VERY SLOW (Unless you have a super computer with quad code 4.0 and 4 GB ram).
So I’ll just post this again since you apparently didn’t see it last time:
READ it. If you don’t want to read it then at least look at the video. It explains how to export your addons. Exporting removes those invisible folders and therefore makes your gmod not as slowed down.