Ady Gil / Earthrace WiP Thread

This is the tri hulled ship that was built in 2005 and has been sailing around the world until 2010, when it colided with a icr whale “research” vessel after it joined sea shepard. I started making this about a week ago but have had to restart a couple times. Here is the progress.

Here is the start

Here is tonight

The final version will include both the ady gil skin and Earthrace skin. The interior I will make in V2.
The final version will NOT be drivable because I’m not even sure if it could be. In - game it will be about 78 foot long and it will be a physics prop.

Looks pretty accurate from what I can see of it compared to the pictures ^^ Though the sticky up bits at the back could possibly do with being a bit larger and taller (looking at the bottom photograph) :slight_smile:

I knew something looked funny about them. I will not worry about it now though. I just want to get the basic form down.

I polished off the pontoons and I now need to attatch them to the vessel. I still need to make the “wings” a bit bigger.

It may be just me, but things look a bit off… unsymmetrical. I would recommend you just model half of it then dupe and reverse that half along an axis(mirror the geometry).

If it’s going into Gmod, add a destroyed bodygroup for posing purposes.
It’s looking ok, but as Heilos said, it isn’t symmetrical.

Good idea I’ll include the destroyed model in the final release. The un symmetrical look of this is true. I’ll fix that in V2 but now I just want to get the model some what done so I can texture it and try the beta.

What would you rather have textured first ?
The earthace or ady gil texture?
I was lazy today i just made the .tga for the texture,thats it.

It has been a couple of weeks and i have just started back working on this. I didn’t do much tonight sence I was away from my computer most os the day.

This must have a breakable version.

RIP Ady Gil :saddowns:

I would need help with a version that would actullaly “break”.

Sorry FLizzard, I got home late no updates tonight.

Alright, started working on the texture tonight because I was to tired after school to model anything.

Damn this is looking sick dude.


Well some news about the future of this mod:
A recent music project has popped up and kinda shoved the ady to the side. It requires me to build stage gear, make a setlist, and create animations for my first time for light screens. Between this, school, work, and the ady Gil mod, the mod’s release date will be much later than expected. I will work on this some but it’s not on the top of my list, so don’t expect a update every two weeks. If anyone wants to help out on anything, feel free to pm me or post here.

i’m not good at this sorta stuff, but i can try, or i can test :slight_smile:

Sure you can test but It will be a while.

Hey kolby, could you do an update soon, even if you haven’t been working on this. You know, just an update of whats going on.


I would love to keep working on this but time is short. For some reason when I try to open the save files in softimage, it gives me errors and no ady gil. So if I wanted to continue this project I would have to restart the whole thing, again. If there is enough interest in this I will do so. But this time I need some help. I need a compiler for one thing, someone who has done this before. I tried compiling and it hurt my head. Second I need someone to do the textures. I could probably figure it out but it would greatly help the process.

Thanks for reading,

This is my problem…

It’s been over a year now, have you thought of maybe giving this another shot?