Ady Gil

This is my attempt to build the ady gil, or some may know as Earthrace, in garrys mod. The bow I had alot of trouble building as you can see, and the inside I added some bunks with a stove. I used mostly phx and space build props. Until I learn to model, this is what I have. I duped it but when I tried to spawn another, My screen was full of smart weld errors. To bad.

Very Awesome

P.S. I Hope you crash into a Japanese whaling ship and spew oil and fuel into the ocean

Try spawning the thing frozen and without welds, then re-smart weld. That will make it useable for ya.

New Zealanders UNITE

(if anybody doesn’t know - the Ady Gil was sank after a japanese whaling boat rammed it; Then the captain (later), a New Zealander boarded the ship and tired a citizen’s arrest)

contraption-wise its pretty good for a start, a bit hard to see detail with it that dark though.

Looks nice, but try using other props and keep improving it. Remember that you can also parent.

could use some materials and be a bit brighter for as Hunta says it’s hard to spot details when it’s that dark.

but I like it :buddy:

That will be my next post!


If I made it any lighter, it would look blury.


I tried that and it only re no - collided and re welded nothing.

Well I added a name made of rope, lightened up the color a bit, changed the material of the bow, and darkened the wood on the stern. I need to replace the windshield. Tomorrow I might paint it silver. Here’s some update pics and some sinking.

right side looks horrible

inside sinking