æææ!!! (as we say it in Norway)

Help me!!!
I got a big problem. Garry’s mod dosent work anymore. I deleted it because it was bugged, I could not load the maps… Anyways. Now Steam want download the importens part… sound, addons etc. And garry’s mod with no addons or sounds is boring…

atleast you can play… -_-

Was that in english ?

So, first you say it doesn’t work, then you say you can play without addons? Ermm :confused:

Hey, I’m half American half Norwegian, living in Norway. If you need to post on Facepunch in the future I’d be more then willing to translate for you. :v:

Are you a fucking retard or what? Addons and sounds and all that crap are third party addons. They do not come with the game, get your lazy ass over to www.garrysmod.org if you want addons.

uhm, yes I cant play… but the CS:S weapons dont got sounds… and the much of the folders that existed inside steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod is gone, including addons(I know I can just creat one…)


If something shoching happends you scream out ææææææææ, may be positive and negative :slight_smile:

If you had no addons, the CS:S weapons wouldn’t exist.

Did you mount CSS in the menu?

all addons cheacked without lost coast :S
some screens, and btw… the addon folder does not exist, but I still got the valve game addons:



You scream out Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Have you tried verifying the cache?

“Have you tried verifying the cache?”
How to do that? :confused:

Go to the Steam Library, right click on Garry’s Mod, go to Properties, the last tab, “Verify the integrity of the game’s cache”. See if that will do anything.

ok :slight_smile:

Nothing happend :’(

What do you mean by nothing?

It didnt help… I runned it, and then all was like it was b4… but I downloaded an addons folder with all the addons possible to gmod. Now everything works, but I still missing folders… O.o

You downloaded an addons folder with ALL ADDONS POSSIBLE???// OMG! CLUSTERFUCK OF LOADING TIME!! I doubt you actually did that. But you could have manually made an addons folder.

go to internet explorer, click tools, internet options, connections, lan settings, then if it has use a proxy set uncheck that box

I had this problem, it fixed itself. Try restarting your computer.

Restart my computer???
You think my computer has stayed on in 3 days and 3 nights now?? -.-