Aegis-Gaming : A Fun, New, Friendly server with many features. [200 Slots]

I am unsure if a thread has been created for this server in this section or not, but I feel it is only right to show my support to the staff of this server.

A newly set up server listed as currently on the Rust ‘modded’ server list is in dire need of players to fill the community. As of now, it’s a few friendly players trying to form a decent community, but this proves difficult due to the lack of players on the server during the day/night. To me, it appears this server has great potential, so I desire to inform you about Aegis gaming and some of its features. Feel free to join in on this friendly community anytime. Most of the players currently feel alone, and would love for some friendly players or competition to make this server their home.

Server Information:
Name on Server List:
Uptime: Whenever the Rust servers are not being DDos(Same situation for most community/modded servers.)
Admin Status: The Admins appear to currently be developing the server fully so that players can enjoy every possible feature. The Admins are also active, and usually assist others when help is needed. Active aswell!
Features: No Sleepers, Active Admin Crew working to make the server better for all of it’s inhabitants, Rather Friendly Community ( I cannot guarantee your safety, for it is still a PVP Server), 200 slots needing to be filled, and much many more features that work to improve your experience! (Airdrops are being a little buggy, but this will be fixed in due time.)

How do I join?:

1. After launching Rust, while at the main menu hit ‘F1’. This opens the developer console
2. Type into the console ‘net.connect’
3. Your now on the server, enjoy and say ‘Hello’!

Feel free to post your reviews of below! Feedback is always accepted.

Thank you,