-Aegis- Gaming Server [US]

Hi there. We are a community based Server. ALL Features / Suggestions / Additions are suggested by the players… FOR the players. We at Aegis Gaming Community are proud to now offer a community server for fellow Rust players. We currently have active admins on to help with support / hackers / items missing. We Offer Events everyday. And Random Prize GiveOuts to everyone currently online. ( example : We gave 500 wood and 30 food to everyone online ) … we will tweak as more players begin to play. We have weekly Massive AirDrops ( Currently hosting a 5 AirDrop Event on Saturdays ) We have friendly area’s where people can build a community and help protect each other. STILL WORKING ON THE PVP ARENA. We are currently building a arena for a PVP Event. This event will allow players to have a all out battle on a rocky platform and battle to the death. For Building supplies / blueprints / items / medical supplies. We are trying to intoduce a Role Playing environment where people can play sides. Civilians / Workers , Thiefs / Criminals , Cops / SWAT. More will be posted as we take player polls to better suit the community. Come and check us out today. Current Server Name : AegisGaming – New Server Name Coming Soon : -Aegis- RP Server. TeamSpeak : Aegis.Clants.net

-edit- We are still looking for more players! We do daily event’s every 15 members when applicable. And many other scheduled events at certain times. Hope to see you there!

A Us based server. None abusive admins!

As well below is where you can apply to be apart of Aegis:

Task Force Aegis Recruitment Briefing:

Task-force Aegis is a well trained organized mercenary group. They were sent to in to aid the Government in evacuating surviving populace and assisting of the quarantine of the country so surrounding countries wouldn’t be affected by the deadly infectious virus. However, Aegis reentered to patrol and try to stim the virus and deal with looters and others taking advantage of the chaos in the country.

Task Force Aegis Recruitment Guidelines

Be at least the age of 16
Have a microphone
Have the ability to use teamspeak
Maturity is mandatory
English language only

Here at Aegis we take our gaming seriously and as such are looking for members who want to play seriously and have fun doing so if you are interested in joining Task Force Aegis please apply below. We play dayz Overwatch, Origins, and Epoch, and standalone.

Application Template:

Apply @ http://aegiscommunity.enjin.com/home

*On the website please goto the recruitment tab and apply there.

*if younger than the specified age requirement please still apply as we do allow a small amount of allocated younger members!

Still looking for more people for server, as coming soon is donator packages.