Aeolus Widget System

[release]What is it?

Aeolus is a widget system. The widget system allows you to customize your HUD exactly to your liking in a simple GUI, so basically anyone can use it easily. You select which widgets you want via the Q menu and you can then move them around by holding C ( Or any other button that displays the mouse ) and dragging the widget to where you wish it to be. You may click the red circle to close that widget ( It is re-openable via the Q menu ).

[release]Cool, what widgets come with it?

[li]12 Hour Digital Clock
[/li][li]24 Hour Digital Clock
[/li][li]Ammo Ball
[/li][li]Analog Clock
[/li][li]Armor Ball
[/li][li]Balloon Meter
[/li][li]Digital Speedometer (KMPH)
[/li][li]Digital Speedometer (MPH)
[/li][li]Distance Traveled (KM)
[/li][li]Distance Traveled (Miles)
[/li][li]Dynamite Meter
[/li][li]Entity Information
[/li][li]Health Bar
[/li][li]Hoverball Meter
[/li][li]Info Ball
[/li][li]Speedometer (KMPH)
[/li][li]Speedometer (MPH)
[/li][li]Ping Bars
[/li][li]Ping Meter
[/li][li]Primary Ammo Bar
[/li][li]Prop Meter
[/li][li]Secondary Ammo Bar
[/li][li]SENT Meter
[/li][li]Server Information
[/li][li]Session Time
[/li][li]Team Information
[/li][li]Thruster Meter
[/li][li]Total In-Game Time

[release]Can I make my own widgets?

Yes, the widgets are very easily made. You can view all of the current widgets in Addons/Aeolus/lua/Aeolus/widgets/*.lua

[release]What does it look like?

[release]What if I want to take pictures? How can I temporarily disable Aeolus?

There is an easily accessable “Toggle Aeolus” option in the Q menu under options.

[release]Where can I download it?

[release]Why are my <meter type> meter is not showing unless I spawn some props first?

The meters simply count the number of <meter type>s on the map owned by every player and uses the highest count owned by any one player as the maximum. There may be a better way, but this was made in Feb., so the functions used are a bit outdated.

[release]Thanks to…

[li]Night-Eagles - Some of the information ball coding ( draw.quad or some shit like that )
[/li][li]TheJ89 - Didn’t help in this release, but I owe him a shitload.

[release]Planned Features

[li]More Widgets
[/li][li]Savable and shareable configurations.

You are now THE official shit.


:v: Bad timing, I know.

This looks really nice.
I wonder how long it will take till someone makes a radar for it :v:


Too bad you guys can’t revert back a version of Gmod. My friend told me in chat about the evil update, and I disabled auto updates.

I was gonna but I got distracted by a lot of shit and nearly dropped the project altogether, so I guess it’s luck that it even got released.


Update to fix the bug should be out in an hour or so.

The clock and speedometer look so nice it makes me wonder what you were thinking with the balls. They look like, well, balls :v:. Other than that, this looks exceptionally nice. Good job.

The balls don’t look as good because they’re pure lua, no materials D:


Your balls are red and yellow? :raise:

garrys mod is back :smiley:

:rolleye: Expression…

No, not usually.

Amazing! Garrysmod was down? Is it up now for sure? Download for you in any event though, this is exactly what I was looking for!

I have not downloaded it yet, but can you save configurations?

Not sure what you mean by that? Your setup saves, yes, if that’s what you mean.

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Would you be able to add a “Lock Widgets” option? The moving part of each widget fading in and out when you’re simply opening up the ASSmod menu, or viewing gamemode help.

Woah. Awesome!

Here’s MY config:

Thanks for this great addon, by the way!

I love it! I hope it won’t stay on v1.0.0

Awesome. Really handy for me. :slight_smile: