Aerial combat over C17 - Combines being awesome as usual

Shit got real.

It’s the Daedalus!

neat design

That’s really cool

Is it normal that after looking at this picture i am wishing for a mod to be made off of that?

I like this a lot, you get a artistic.

thanks for the comments so far


I didn’t knew they were remaking War of the Servers.

Best contraption. EVER.

Keep stuff like this coming, this is awesome.

thanks, but I doubt its the best ever. I already saw way more impressive stuff here, like awesome steam punk tanks or giant air ships for example.

Hope somebody releases a model like that

Son of a dicks pie

You could just put one together from Combine props.

But I’m a lazy fuck

Holy amazing.

I would love to have a Advance duplication of that.

The Best Aerial Combat poses I ever Seen,I WANT MOAR!

Nice work.

This please.
It’s too awesome.