Aerolite Gaming: Spacebuild Server

Aerolite Gaming is a community filled with players that join in together to get gaming
on specific games which the players mainly go on. Obviously we have made a new server for Spacebuild
and we are advertising on this thread the activity and location. Our server is normally filled with 24/7 Admins and Moderators that will always assess what is been done in the server. Now it would not make sense if our Admins didnt know anything themselves about Spacebuild or wire so thats why we only have the people on our community that know about wire and spacebuild (including mining and lifesupport etc.) as admins or moderators so that you get that extra bit of help if you are stuck in the process of building. Our sever is mainly filled with most or even more than what a standard Spacebuild server should contain including the new version of Spacebuild, Life Support and even a Mining addon to start your little corporation of ore collecting or tiberium (Yes we do enable tiberium since it is part of the story).

We do not like it been known as just a standard server to build Ships on, We like to spruce things up a bit so thats why we decided to build it on a story. It is the 22nd Century, Corporations and Millitaries are building up Colony Ships and are starting to explore the frontiers of Space. Some corporations have greed over others having certain supplies they dont have, Business are angered against each other wanting what they both dont have and currently there are huge wars scattered around the galaxy whilst others travel the galaxy to explore the new features never found on standard earth such as tiberium or differant living organisms. You can choose what path to pick depending on your living style. Fight-Make-Explore.


A Mining Ship found an asteroid with ore.

A Lone Miner exploring the far reaches of Space.

The Earth Mining Corporation.

Life Supported Base.

All the Addons will have to be downloaded manually due to the fact that if you was to download it of our website
you would proberbly have to wait for a while but SVN takes alot of time off the download so here are the SVN links.

Server IP:

We currently like we said in the about section have a teamspeak server.
There are always people in there 24-7.
TS3 Port: 1000

Do you guys sell admin? If not, I’ll probably try this out sometime. Nice to see a server that isn’t DarkDM for once.

Thanks for the comment and no we dont sell administration posts.
We preferably make them if we decide to depending on if they produce enough in the server and can interact with fellow members
but mainly if we know them personally.

Looks cool, Will check it out.

Bumping this because I fear of the future for this thread and that I want people
to still spot this, On our server it is really differant than been a darkrp server and in my opinion has more creativity and effort than some of the regular darkrp server threads.