Aerosol Can And Lighter

Would anyone please make Me an Aerosol Can and Lighter model…Is there one from a Game that you could Port?

Just a basic Lighter, doesn’t have to be perfect

Again doesn’t need to be perfect , Or have logo, Just a plain colour will be fine, Doesn’t even need a top

See I’m making a Gamemode, And i Need this as a swep, Now i’m not good at coding sweps, So If anyone is Good at making sweps please tell me, I’d like this weapon
I’d obviously Give you full credit for the models, Or turning it into the swep

My Idea Was

-To have a lighter in the left hand and an aerosol can on the right, Right click toggles the lighter on and off, and Left click sprays the Aerosol,

You would be able to spray a line of flammable liquid from the aerosol and set it on fire using a jet of flame by turning the lighter on and then pressing the aerosol button,
Like this

I know this is the wrong request for the models section, But i thought 2 in 1 would save time
Cheers -Kevin

Here I made an attempt only on spray can. Didn’t bother with lighter.
Spray can has 3 models in it.
Spray can itself.
Spray can with cap
And cap only.


Use it for whatever you want.

Cheers mate
Your awesome
Is there any way I can make this a v-Model??,