Aether - A Half-Life 2: Episode 2 singleplayer map

Aether is a singleplayer action-puzzle map for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It also works in Garry’s Mod but HL2: ep2 is required for this map. I highly recommend playing this in HL2:ep2 though. Some things will not work properly in Gmod.

This map rewards the player for exploring places that you don’t really have to visit. I suggest looking around, you might find some hidden weapon stashes.

Download: (rar file) (rar file) (zip file)

How to install and play:

  1. Download the file
  2. Use winrar/winzip to open it
  3. Extract the contents to Steam\steamapps\yourname\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\maps
  4. Launch HL2:ep2
  5. Write “map aether” in the console and press enter


Download: (rar file) (rar file) (zip file)

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Feedback is appreciated. I hope you all enjoy this map.

Looks great as always. Going to try it out soon.

Amazing map. :buddy:

Wooo! Another one! I will download this immediately and try it.

Is it noded?
if it is I love cake.

Another amazing map by Miiga.

We need more people like him that make high-quality maps for the enjoyment of others. How do you think the guy from Minerva was hired by Valve :slight_smile:

Original story line.

The places that need to be noded are noded.

Aka the places where the player fights the combine etc

So I played it today as I couldn’t do so yesterday anymore and I like it a lot! There are however two things that bother me.

  1. There is a serious lack of healthkits to be found during combat sequences and I had to resort to camping, throwing back grenades and shooting a combine every now and then most of the time.
  2. Two boss fights after another? Well, maybe the first isn’t so much of a challenge, but I think a little break would have been nice. Also, the bosses could have needed some minions to come to their aid, like combine soldiers for example.

Aside from those two points it’s a great map and I like the style you choose for your maps a lot.

thanks for supplying me with some inspiration for my next project.

i really love all your maps by the way

great map but as you said it sucks when you use gmod

I love your maps man, nice work!

More original than what the cod games got.

I just played it and it was really nice, although there were some minor errors with materials and such. :v:
Also, I gave up at the key part and had to cheat my way though.

One of the people I had playtesting this said that the key was too easy to find. :v:

I had to decompile the map to find the key and I just noticed I must have been blind :saddowns:

Where is it anyway? I gave up after going back and forth around the area

[sp]The back of the room on the floor where the antlion grub is[/sp]

[sp]The antlion grub is lit up and it also makes some noise so I figured it’s good for drawing the player’s attention there[/sp]

This was fun to play. [sp]The ending would have been better if there was a train station or something after the elevator so you would escape via train or some other transport[/sp]