AFewOstriches' Compilation Thread

Hello, Facepunch. Been a while, hasn’t it? Since I’ve been getting tired of trying to run Diablo III at 15 fps, I’ve taken up Gmod again.

Granted, I’m not completely satisfied with any of these, partially because my laptop is a piece of shit that can’t handle high graphics at all and partially because I’m the kind of guy who is never satisfied with his work. There’s always something that could be better, thus I get fed up with never releasing anything and stop trying at all. So, I’m providing under each pic a few nitpicky things I would like to point out. That being said, feel free to comment on whatever you wish, so long as it’s not that I need to turn on AA. Again, laptop can’t handle it.

<Commencing Dump>


-I feel like there’s something missing in the sky. A jet or explosion, or… something. There’s just too much space in the image that’s not being utilized.

"Red Light Blues"

-The blood splatter on the wall is way too big.
-The Mysterious Stranger :cough:Nick:cough: looks like he’s shitting a brick. (wonky faceposing)

"Russian Disposal"

-No blood on either Spetsnaz at all.
-Inner Circle guy on the right doesn’t look like he pushed the soldier off the boat. (wonky posing)

"Fire Your Weapon"

-I actually like this one a lot. I just don’t have the skills in Photoshop to make it into what I envisioned. Originally that was just some color correction and a muzzle flash, but then I found out the Husks’ heads come off and I wanted to make a blue spray coming out…
-Note: This is the actual resolution of my laptop on highest available settings. All others have been shrunk a little to alleviate the ‘chunky’ look from a lack of anti-aliasing.
-Other Note: Feel free to 'Shop this if you want, just make sure I recieve credit for posing.

"Because Fuck You, That’s Why"

-So this was from a dream I had one night about an Air Force pilot crashing into a rock n’ roll explosion of awesome that he somehow survives. He continues on to take the place of one of the dead guitarists (who was crushed by his jet) and finishes the concert. I very distinctly remember the phrase ‘Because fuck you, that’s why’, thus the title.
-Note: My dreams are usually not this awesome.


-No muzzle flashes, needs some motion blur on Faith. Meh, not too bad, methinks.

"The Horrors of Man"

-Never fingerposed the right hand of the merc with the briefcase.

"A Man and his Mare’s Leg"

-Feels kinda empty. Then again, I would totally use this for a desktop, so maybe that’s the point.

"Green Light to Engage"

-Again, kinda empty. Was planning on adding some red and blue lights to emphazise that there are cops outside, but never got around to it.

Well, folks, that’s about it. Lemme know what you think, what I need to work on, etc. Thanks a bunch.

Evasion is my favorite.

The best one is Evasion. The others could use some work, they’re empty. And I don’t see much AA. Did you max your graphics before taking the screenshots?

what you need on Evasion is some Super DoF and some cleanly-coloured lamps, and it’d be totally brilliant

Damn, you’re real good at posing. Keep it up!

I’m assuming you didn’t read much of the text. The fourth picture is as good as it’s going to get. Gmod literally will not allow me to increase graphics any further.

Perspective is perfection.