Hello ladies and gentlemen of Facepunch and Garry’s Mod. Firstly, i would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Diovis, i am an experienced LUA coder. I decided to join this forum because i have seen that there are some knowledgeable members here.

Alright so basically, i am working on a new gamemode called Afghan Life. I am still deciding whether it’s going to be Roleplay based or not. But the gamemode takes place in modern Afghanistan with 3 main teams. Those team would be the Armed Forces (good guys), Enemy Forces (bad guys), and the Civilians (neutral). What i like about it is that there really is no main objective. Every team has a different objective. For example, the Enemy Forces’ objective is to gain control over the civilians and territory, the Civilians’ objective is to get rich and defend against the Enemy Forces trying to invade their privacy and territories, and the Armed Forces’ objective is to protect the Civilians and fight off the Enemy Forces.

Now, i will be updating the thread sometime later with more information on features and such, but for now, please excuse the thread as it is bare bones.


**Marijuana growing and distribution
*Weapon manufacturing
*Advanced explosive manufacturing
Art of suicide bombing into buildings and people

These are some of the features, if you have any suggestion for features, just suggest them in a reply!

To be perfectly honest, this sounds like a modified darkrp.

Accidentally replied to myself

So this is MW2 Afghan RP.

In all seriousness, the gamemode idea is a bit bland and general to be honest. I would suggest a non-roleplay gamemode.

Lua not LUA

If it was roleplay it sounds like it wouldn’t be very fun for anyone not in a major faction.

so its darkrp on a desert map? wow that’s pretty new and revoloutionary and has surely never been attempted before

I was thinking lots about something like this a few years back.

Do you have any work you have done or any progress you have made to show you’re serious about this (You’ll hear people call you an “ideas guy” pretty fast if you have nothing to show and after that no one will take you seriously)

“civilians get rich”

what the fuck gave you the idea ANYBODY is rich in afghanistan?

Smells like you are reusing the Weed Plants from DarkRP. Afghanistan isn’t a large producer of Cannabis, it is Opium.

I’m pretty sure that the taliban aren’t producing weapons. as you can see on pictures like this or this, you will realize that the weapons are mostly repaired versions of old weapons, which are bought or found at some point.

All the points above also counts. there could be explosive manufacturing, but they will be basic or bought in.


edit:// Please research first before makin an gamemode on prejudice. //end of edit

On a Gamemode standpoint it isn’t nothing special. it seems like an washdowned MW2 or DarkRP (depending on the RP part.) in the desert.
Nothing new or exciting about it.
On a moral standpoint, i’m kinda offensed. The thematic couldn’t contain anything funny, except the Tdm part, which isn’t that different from other fps.

due to my lacking english skills, i tried to be as most acurate and polite as i could. Sorry if it isn’t that well explained.

Every country got rich people. Just take a look at this list. There is a lot of legal Industry in Afghanistan, because of the resources. It got Iron, Copper and more minerals etc etc.
Please at least google, before you posting lies.

There is alot of cannabis over there I think the drug doesn’t really matter for the gamemode, only that theres alot of it being grown and that its illegal.

Khyber pass, not afghanistan but its not like theres going to be a to scale, realistic map of afghanistan.

Oh, jesus. Okay first of all, clearly you aren’t experienced with Lua at all or you wouldn’t have written it as an acronym. Second of all, you are clearly not understanding of the situation of opium/cannabis in afghanistan. It’s not illegal(succesfully), because it grows uncontrollably. The only people that are destroying drugs in afghanistan is the west, and they aren’t doing a good job. In fact the taliban themselves did a better job, they cut the opium production in afghanistan nearly 90% when they banned it. But then the west invaded and that all went to hell now they’re back at #1 again.

Afghanistan does have rich people, obviously. But it wouldn’t be realistic to show them, because source map size is too small. You’re saying you want rich politicians, opium farmers, the taliban, the west, and legitimate industrial placements all within a space less than a kilometer? Not gonna work.

I’m just going to skip to the point. You aren’t going to script this, source engine isn’t capable of hosting an environment like this. You’re out of luck, this is dead before it was posted.

Although the good news for you is your idea already exists( in a sim too), go play one of the arma 2/3 life gamemodes.

In the OP’s eyes.

“dank RP”

do you get 72 virgins if you die?

Yes, 72 virgin goats.

If it isn’t being released right now, you shouldn’t be posting it. Disregarding game play issues and originality, you cannot possibly fit this gamemode into Source’s map size - it’s better suited for something like ArmA.

Kinda tempted to ask another mod if it’d be possible to implement a rule banning people from posting DarkRP edits in this section

Ya DarkRP must suck but some people use DarkRP as a base to start off at building there own gamemode, Like I’ve currently got a gamemode in the works that will be based off DarkRP since most of the gamemode that is being made is going to be all addons for now.

some darkrp edits are impressive though

Stop using a bad base for a bad gamemode. Stop being lazy and build your own.