Afghanistan House

So I always spend way to much time making stuff, and when its close to done I just scrap it. Wich basically means I never finish any of my projects… ;_;

Anyways, now that I am close to done with this afghan house I am just confused about how many windows I should have, if I should have floor or not, if I made it too detailed/clean and so on. So I decided to go on Facepunch and ask for tips. Worst part is that I am making multiple villages with houses like this, but I dont know how I should make it as I am making a war map and I feel like it needs to look a bit worn out, like holes in the wall and so on.

My suggestion is dont make the building a recatangle make a bit more appealing to the eye perhaps an L shape. another thing is get rid of the window ceilings and replace the edges with a displacement to make the windows to look more makeshift

I’d suggest use this technique from tophat

Rounding the edges of the house can be good but at a cost of performance so if your going to be making alot of houses don’t round edges but its up to you. Also adding a concrete floor that matches the house colours is good but I would suggest making it look a bit more dirty then the walls. Also add wooden beams in the interior to make it look more realistic. Also making the house small but taller is probably better for these sorts of houses