Afghanistan War roleplaying mod needs models!

Hello everyone, me and a friend of mine are starting a RP server and mod, and we are going to need some custom models for it. They don’t have to be crazy detailed, but they need to be believable. The mod is going to be an Afghan war type role playing mod, so it needs to fit the setting.
First we need an Afghani civilian model. (No insurgency terrorists will not work, or anything like that) With basic afghan clothing such as baggy pants and jacket with a vest or over jacket commonly seen among them. And along with that if there can be a cap or turban of some sort added, along with a beard. The beard doesn’t need to be huge, just a normal little beard.
Here is a picture of some civilians for some inspiration.

Secondly, we need a UN type model as well. With the basic blue helmet with “UN” on the side, and a blue plate carrier (bullet proof vest) with “UN” on front and back. He can be wearing any type extra gear like knee pads, gloves, and stuff like that. Prefer to have them in the three color desert camo. If you don’t know what that is just look it up on google. Here is a photo that can be used as inspiration, but remember we need blue helmet and blue vest with “UN”.

And last, we will just need other random civilian models such as an Imam (Islamic priest basically), and another that is a basic civilian look, but more like if Father grigori were arabic, so we can use that as the merchant.

If you have any questions, or suggestions of where we can find some skins that match the descriptions, please feel free to let me know. I have searched for a few hours now but to no luck. But thank you for any assistance we may receive.

Uhm, CS:GO models should work fine.

As a 3d content guy, I’m not going to model MW4 for you without pay, nor would others unless they have alot of free time.

But perhaps, you may fine someone willing to do such a thing, for a position or pay.

EDIT: Perhaps I misunderstood; do you want reskins of HL2 civilians?

Yea were not looking to make the new MW4 just a afgan rp gamemode. So reskins of hl2 civilians should work fine.

Yeah, not ridiculous models or anything, just reskins we can use.