AFK Prevention

Well a little idea I have had. Mainly due to the amount of players servers are getting I think it would be a good idea to get a AFK prevention system. Something that kicks you after about 20-30 minutes of being afk? Would be kinda nice since I know so many people go afk for long periods of time and it just takes up a slot.

I agree, Ive seen a lot of players going afk with their storage open to prevent raiding.

Not logging out is almost encouraged because of this.

I would say that im for and against this.

I mean… i see your problem on some of the servers that are almost always full…

But im usually playing on pvp-sleeper servers. and when i’m doing something else around the house, i usually stay logged in with my screen off and the speakers on, that way, even tho im not playing atm, i can quickly jump on and ready my gun when i hear the ticking of C4.

Mostly because i think its complete bullshit that your character dont wake from the sounds of 4 charges going on simultaneously. on the other hand, i hate non sleeper servers. so i just do it like that :). but the servers im playing on are rarely full.

How exactly would this work on a sleeper server?