Afraid Of Monsters

Took a 4 hours for edit.

Jesus christ That’s Awesome.

Oh. that’s cute… awesomely terrifying


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This is pretty awesome.

I came pure fear extract.

Ya know, I didn’t used to be afraid of monsters. But these monsters here strike fear into my soul.


I love this series.

Where’s Charles?



Thank you for making me revisit my nightmares. I shall now proceed to run around my house smacking things with a kitchen knife while a man in a bloodstained suit jabbers his head around and chases me about.

It could be a good idea to desaturate these scary faces a little.

Good work though, its bit of disturbing

No problem

You forgot to add Charlie :frowning:

(the wheelchair zombie)

Well, maybe next time.

Charles man, on his little fuckin’ wheelchair.

That’s pretty neat.