African Tribe

Plz say nice things kthnx

It’s an original idea, too bad we don’t have any tribe models.

Also you were pretty lazy on this.

Duplicator spam, make good pose, wat do next

excellent job make more

Before anyone pulls the racist card, this is not racist in any way.
Because African tribes were black, not white.
And I don’t think there is any native Africans models, so yeah.

I don’t know why, but I chuckled at this.

Might be the expressions and the overdone duplicated poses.

If there’s no native african models why did you make this pose?

Next time at least repose the models’ legs and hands after using the duplicator.

I also chuckled, then I saw your name

Do you see anyone pulling the racist card? I must be going blind in my old age.

Not that great because of the use of the basic citizen model.


There are, s-low ported them from RE5. They look like zombies though.

eli is the resistance leader as well as the tribe’s

This is a very good Garry’s Mod picture.
The composition is great and the overall realism and attention to detail is simply stunning.

Very historically correct.

it it wasnt duplicated then it wouldnt look much different

lol this is funny

Funny, I used to live there when I was much younger.

Every day was like this.