After 150hrs of gameplay I finally figured out what rust reminds me of..

This game is Chernobyl…

Not sure how many of you are old enough to know much about it but if you aren’t then look it up…very similar setting.

…begin insults and attacks now…

This game could be about saving osama bin ladin, i’d still play it cause its FUN

I don’t get it

Not meant as a joke…I mean the game setting is literally like it would be if you were in the Ukraine near the Chernobyl Site. Lots of Radiation, Mutated animals, No law, Everything has decayed to a point that it’s either rusty metal, loosely held together wood, and crumbling concrete…very very similar settings… But, as I said in the Post…if ya aren’t familiar with it…look it up.

My query is this… Is this what the game designers are going for? It sure seems like it.

I thought it reminded me of STALKER a bit, with all the rad areas etc. STALKER is inspired by Chernobyl.

The only S.T.A.L.K.E.R reference I can see is the radiation effect. Other than that, there is not much too it.
I hope they take more inspiration from S.T.A.L.K.E.R & Metro as the game progresses.

Stalker is Chernobyl, this so far is minecraft with better graphics (I do enjoy it though)

I got to say Rust is a mix of Minecraft, Stalker & Day Z.

It took you 150 HOURS to figure that out?

U Sir r a bright one…

Lol. I’m sure plenty of the kids have heard of Chernobyl. Plenty of very popular video games have featured it. COD MW2 coming to mind as one. STALKER as mentioned before. That being said, 1986 isn’t exactly ancient history it was only 28 years ago… Shit, I just realized that I’m an old man hanging out with kids.

haha, I’m from Ukraine and yes it totally remind me of that area.

Best of luck with your new gov’t.

I’m old enough for Chernobyl! But it doesn’t remind me of that…