After 90+ Hours of Rust Play, I have Suggestions to greatly Improve gameplay

Just bought Rust give or take half a week ago, and I’ve played no less than 90 hours on it. Your game is fantastic, the atmosphere is engaging, captivating, wonderful. The struggle to survive is real, the competition fierce.

Yet, there is room for improvements, allow me to go over some that will help gameplay.

Remote Areas

Outside of random air drops, there is no reason to roam far and wide unless you’re trying to stash something, and even then the trips are too long to be worth it. I would like to suggest spreading more resources to these outer areas, both wild life and resource nodes (both wood and rock). Animals and the raw materials are common in nature, and improving their allocation throughout the map makes it feel more realistic and less confined simply to the radiation cities or specific valleys in which they currently reside in and around. This will bring your entire map to life, and let people explore the nature and beauty that is the Rust island. Let people explore and settle these areas, and spread out the population a bit to make it feel more post apocalyptic and give raiders the chance to raid outside the same spots. I’ll have more to say about this also in the irradiated section as I have an idea to make exploring the map a lot more fun and interesting.


I view this as the gateway animal into the fundamentals in Rust, however, there are too few of them and only in sparse locations. Such a fundamental creature which introduces both a decent supply of cloth and animal fat used to make bows, cloth armor, and fuel for furnaces should not be rare. New players should not be forced to hunt strictly for wolves and risk immediate death with only a rock or stone hatchet at this point in the game. Deer is too unreliable to chase down with just a melee weapon, and chickens and rabbits seem to be as rare and even harder to find than boars.

Explosive Charges (C4) and Raiding

Add some strategy to sieges by doing the following:

The ability to craft this recipe should be removed from the game. The problem with C4 is although it is expensive, it becomes widely available the longer a server continues. It is a powerful item indeed, but it should be introduced sparingly and its availability controlled at all points in the game. Currently there is a massive curve in a server where C4 is sparse and then becomes widely available after a server has aged long enough.

Additionally, raiding bases should have other mechanics implemented other than C4. With the above change in C4, there should be other implementations that require both defender and attacker to engage in the process of defending or attacking on a raid. Makeshift battering rams, special pickaxes for metal doors or walls, or other items should be introduced in an attempt to make a siege either more difficult, or encourage the value of holding a base. This change would make it so that players on both sides would have to attack and defend strategically, building their strongholds so that they can see attackers against the walls, rather than just building cell by cell of their structure filled with doors to deter C4 mechanics.

Make the siege a battle, something that is alive, takes effort, and is fun to do. Currently, C4 mechanics are lack luster and can either be deterred or countered by making impractical bases with as many walls and doors as possible. Bring some strategy to this element of the game.

Limit Structure Height

Seeing a structure of wood or metal six stories or higher is ridiculous, unsightly, unrealistic, and harmful to game play. Structures this tall currently lag the game when they are clustered in groups, stuttering PC performance when rendering in. On two different servers I witnessed towers of over a hundred stories. Lets put a realistic cap on this so that players cant just build into the stratosphere for both defense and inane reasons.

Reworking Irradiated Animals and Irradiated Areas

The following is a list of suggestions that I believe would improve game play.

Irradiated Animals

Farming irradiated animals adds a grind to the game that is pointless and does not immerse the player in the survival atmosphere. It has made certain areas where they spawn highly camped while detracting from the spirit of the game. If items must drop from these animals, it would be best if it was kept to small arms ammo, occasional leather or helmet pieces, and food/radiation pills. The chance to drop schematics should be removed from animals.

Irradiated Town Farming

While I’m all for important areas and having a risk to reward ratio, these areas have become nothing but farm spots where players camp just outside of them and farm for hours, running in and out, with occasional gun shots (although this doesn’t happen as often as it needs as players are more interested in farming rather than killing when they need to find schematics). I propose that the drops for schematics be changed in these areas and limited only to shotgun or smaller arms weapons, and armor be limited to specific radiated pieces (boots, and helmet). More on where other radiated items will drop is next.

Random Computer Generated Structures in Rural Areas

This is where we get into the real fun of the system. Randomly generated structures, such as bases, small deserted towns, shanties, shacks, etc, would add an immense depth to both the exploration and fun of finding rare and valuable items. Bolt action rifles, Explosives, or Kevlar schematics should be spawned in these randomly generated areas out in the boonies so that players can explore far parts of the map and be rewarded for their scavenging and determination to survive. Structures and pockets of buildings with supplies exist in remote areas in civilizations, why can’t they be here as well? Implement other dangers such as rabid animals guarding these structures, and if you must continue to drop end tier weapons and armor from irradiated animals, make those animals spawn here and pack them into choke points that forces players to negotiate different approaches to the structures.

The random generation of these structures would improve game play vastly be removing the farming element associated with the game, while giving the player the excitement of finding something truly valuable and rare that wasn’t just on a spawn table at a predictable and overly farmed area. It would give the element of searching and survival you are creating in the game much more substance, as individuals in post-apocalyptic situations would be constantly roaming and scavenging in order to survive.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Road”, you would know what I mean.

That is it for now, but I’ll have more suggestions later. Taking a break to get back to playing Rust!!

Wrong forum --> Rust Suggestions.

Expanding resource spawns to the entire map is on the to-do list, as is expanding the usable game space itself.

More animals will come in the future; at the moment, the animals are placeholders and are gameplay prototypes. This is a content request, and basically it’s lower priority at this stage.

You can play on servers that have plugins to make C4 recipes and drops limited or blocked altogether. At the moment, the explosives in-game aren’t particularly meant for the long-term, to the best of my knowledge, but I’m not a dev so it’s not up to me. Expect an overhaul (and likely a major increase in cost, if not a decrease in power) of explosives in the future, but I have no idea when. Could be months down the road.

On the to-do.

I’m going to remind you that you’re in an alpha, and this is the phase where we really want to find out how the engine breaks when tested against varying scenarios. Putting artificial constraints at this point seems to be a way of masking bugs from detection for later discovery when the limits try to get raised. I presume there will be some significant adjustment to the building limit in the future. Again, not a dev, not my call, just speculating.

You are complaining about placeholder content. This’ll all change and things will make more sense as the framework of the game gets built up around it.

Take a guess what I’m gonna say here. Starts with P, ends with ‘ontent’. Also, it’s worth mentioning that another facet about the current phase of development, and you’ve probably discovered this even if you thought it was a feature, is that Rust is essentially unfair and unbalanced. Certain adjustments have been made lately to make it less unbalanced, but it still is, so radtowns kind of being lame is a bit of a lower priority until the devs want to improve a gameplay element that directly touches on or is impacted by the radtowns.

Now, this is one I haven’t heard before, and also happens to be one I can get behind. Prior to procedural map generation being a goal of the devs, I would’ve disagreed with you, but now I would be okay with little shacks and ruined homesteads generating randomly across the full-size map, once we get to play on it with uniform resource spawning. Perhaps they spawn with a reduced, but active, decay rate, so they begin to melt away promptly if not discovered and claimed as a base.

This means that, if an admin starts a new server with a random-generated terrain, and everyone hangs around an area about the size of the current Rust map’s resource zone, after the first week or so, as people start making treks deeper out into the wilderness, they’ll come across inexplicable ruins that simply have nothing (because the crates already decayed away or w/e) except a couple foundations and a partially-intact two-floor 1x2 chunk of building left up. In addition to the occasional time when they’ll find a ruin that actually has something in these partially-decayed places, and the fresh shacks that may spawn around them with loot, this will add to the collapsing-world atmosphere, with decaying shacks that nobody but the game’s random structure generator built giving a sense of an apocalyptic depopulation.

I like this one. I can’t say that I fully agree with you on the exact details of what these ruins should be and what they contain and what should make them special, but that’s a semantic difference. I made a thread about dynamic forest cover that fluctuates in response to harvesting activity and intensity, and I think taking that idea and combining it with this structure generation idea would be a pretty unbeatable combo once Rust is further along and servers are on the full huge maps with semi-stable communities built up.