After effects masking and stop time animation test

everyone in the first part was done by me at different times, then I used after effects masking. Once you know how to use after effects, its such a powerful tool for machinima.

The second part maybe, just maybe be in the upcoming flaming spade films’ random video

Its good.

Its great.

Its groot!


Its stop-motion, not stop time, but is good, really.
Also, I would love to know how to use After Affects, I will learn it next year, so I can’t wait :slight_smile:

great job :3


I downloaded the trail for after effects and just got totally lost. I think for now I’ll stick with vegas :).

Cool video also. Dat ass.


Scathing criticism thingy:
I don’t really see the reason to use after effects there. The TF² Monitor isn’t very convincing, since it doesn’t really fit.

Wow, some good tutorials. If i ever install it again i know where to learn :). Thanks.

If you put those two ideas together you could get multiple stop animations going in the same shot, even though you recorded them separately

great idea, thanks, I gota try it out.

It was in one of the idiots of garry’s mod or one of the idiot boxes. There was a zombie and Forrest Gump sitting on a bench, and they were both stop-motioned separately

EDIT: I found it after making the post but facepunch decided to have issues…

Anyways it’s in the Idiot box 3 at 2:25

cool, thanks for postin it.