After loading a map gmod crashes

I start gmod start lading a map when it come to the end it crashes with an hl2.exe error

How many maps have you tried if its addon try gm flat grass if that works then its just that map.

Yeah I am having the same problem but with my server. After I get to “sending client info” then my game crashes. This is the case for everyone that joins my server. Its gm_flatgrass fyi

I tried it with Flatgrass , Construct , Big city , gm_Atomic and nothing works

Post Specs or i cant help at all =/

Intel Core 2 duo Cpu E4600 @ 2.40 GHz 2.40GHz
2.00 GB Ram
ATI Radeon HD 4800 series

Hmmmm… they should run Gmod fine, try putting your graphics on low then playing, then toy around with that, disable automatic restart aswell, and mostly try a clean install and finally try and put -dxlevel 80 or 90 in launch options =]