After release

Hello users of Facepunch, i have just one question :slight_smile:
I bought a key, it works and game is awesome, but will my copy of game exists after alpha ? Or if it will release on steam, will i get a key ? I know i read it on forum, but i am not one hundred percent sure, that is the reason why i ask :slight_smile: I didnt found anything like that in FAQ - and search.

And next, will there be way to create your own server ? Like SRCDS (After it will be released on steam for ex.)

Garry said in PlayRust latest developments that you gonna get a new key in your email when the game is released…


garry posted that sticky. How would this thread prove to you any more than a post by garry?

As far as having your own servers, two weeks ago, garry posted this:

You keep the full game in the full version if you buy it in the alpha.

i prefer playing on hosted by facepunch stuff, fuck playing the game if some wanker is just spawning everything in, where’s the fun in that

Yeah me too ;(

Literally on the auction page where you bought the game it has all this information… Such a waste of a thread post.

then why post you idiot