After Rust 2-25-14 Update, Rust Crashes on Launch. Help?

Okay, earlier today I was playing Rust with some friends on the 2-17-14 (v1028) version. The server we all play on decided at midnight EST to update to 17-25-14 (v1029).

So we all downloaded the client we needed and proceeded to wait for midnight to come around. There was 4 of us, and we all got the client from the same download. All 3 of them got Rust to open and and work fine. While when I open Rust I get a complete silent crash.

I run it, select my resolution, click play, and the facepunch logo pops up for about 5 seconds and then just closes. No errors, nothing. For the past 3-4 hours now, I have tried literally everything to fix it and can not come up with a solution.

I have an Alienware with fairly decent specs and ran the game 110% fine before the update. I am on Windows 8.1.
I have DirectX and Visual Basic x32 as well as .net framework and all that jazz.
I have UAC Settings turned down so I do not need to run as admin, but did countless times anyway.
I tried restarting my pc.
I tried deleting/replacing files.
I tried redownloading/reextracting.
I tried almost anything I can think of. I am lost. Is anyone else having this issue on the new version or at all? Anybody have any recommendations on how to fix this? I am starting to lose hope. :confused:

Downloaded the client you needed? All from the same download? Server was still running the version from February 17th earlier? PLEASE don’t tell me you and your friends pirated/torrented Rust and are expecting help for the pirated version from the games forum. The fact that “Restarting Steam” wasn’t one of the measures you took makes it sound all the more suspicious.

Hi TooMuchClutch. Bear with me while I attempt to assist you in your problem.

Have you tried purchasing a genuine copy of windows?

But do you have any 1337 H4X installed? That might be your problem. Try uninstalling your hacks.

Steam advises you to NOT run any of the games as admin. In fact if you have selected to run the exe as an admin, Steam will detect it and tell you not to run the game in admin mode. Did you ignore this obvious message and loud ding when it popped up on your screen?

Did you try verifying the integrity of your game cache? Go to Rust in your library, right click, choose properties, go to Local Files and choose “Verify Integrity of Game Cache”. Great utility for getting games that you legitimately purchased from Steam to work.

Steam allows us to download individual files now?

Ahhhh, I see the problem now. Steam doesn’t require you to decompress its files. All you have to do is download and it will install automatically!

Have you tried getting a job, not being a thief and purchasing a legal copy of Rust that these fine independent developers are working so hard to provide us with?

The guy has not even responded if it was a hacked client. Stop making assumptions and focus on the task at hand.

Seriously? Did you even read the OP? It screams that he pirated the game. The real funny thing is, that everything I suggested IS what they would tell him to do first. So regardless of whether he pirated Rust…and he did…these should help him if it is a legitimate copy.

Well, I really enjoyed this game. But I think I give up. Over 10 hours of trying and still nothing. I have the game bought for those of you bitching. But, I am trying to use a torrent’d one to join a server to play with my friends who dont have the game to persuade them to buy the damn game themselves. I look like a damn fool trying to get them to buy this game when I can not even get it to work myself with no fix. This sucks… :confused:

Hey i have the same problem but unlike that guy, i have purchased the game from steam. If i run the game on Dev mode it works fine. but not if i do in normal mode. it was working fine before, just today it stopped and just crashes on startup

So let me get this straight. You have purchased a legitimate copy of Rust but you decided that you should just use the same illegal copies that your thieving friends did? You’ve tried EVERYTHING over 10 hours and it never occurred to you to just use your legitimate Steam copy? Hey how about you just stop insulting people’s intelligence…and stop pretending you have any of your own.

Hey dude, you already got banned. You are not needed here anymore. Go lurk and stay out of trouble.

That is not the point. -.- So you do not think I have the game purchased…? Would a screenshot of my steam library make you feel better? Jesus…

Transaction history would satiate my curiosity, then I could also see when you bought it…of course you have nothing to prove to me. I’m nobody, but that’s what it would take to get an apology from me.

Ouch, back on track… Would it help if You told “us” what sort of server you are playing or hosting on? Might be an older version of whatever…

You’re missing the point. You’re asking for assistance with a version of the game that has been pirated. It has nothing to do with whether you bought the game or not, it has everything to do with the fact that no one here is going to try to assist you if you’re attempting to use the pirated client.

Tell your friends to just buy the damn game. It’s only $20.