After some models for tabletop simulator

I have a bunch of characters both custom made and from official expansions. It would be great if I could get their 3d models. Quite happy to commission. If you have previous work and a good reputation I will pay first and receive work later otherwise we can work something out.

There are a total of 95 characters. They are not animated but they are coloured.
Here are the custom models: (Note the picture of the character)
Ignore ‘item cards’

Here are the official characters: (Zombie version) and (Human version)

Ignore the following characters: Ned, Wanda, Josh, Amy, Doug and Phil. Do include the cards that say ‘ULTIMATE’ of those characters.

Any characters with their legs missing in the picture, just throw some in that would make sense with the rest of the character.

1 day bump

I downloaded Wings 3D to make my own models. If you know another program that’s more user-friendly or just better let me know. Some tips in making humanoid figures would be great.