After the Age of Monsters ends the Age of Man, Two Titans are poised to fight...

Thanks goes to oogaboogaman for making these two models!

I apologize for the lack of any fancy photoshop effects, but it’s been a while since I used it and even then I never did any awesome-sauce effects. Anyone who feels like adding some awesome-sauce effects themselves are free to do so, and I’ll add it to OP with proper kudos.

Also, I haven’t done a GMod pose in over a year before this, so my skills are rusty, so any criticism is welcome, as long as it isn’t anything like “that sucks, faggot!”

you should probably drop down some editing, theres alot of wasted space. but first i’d recommend you place down some lamps, large ones for those guys and practice posing more.

For fucks sake people, how many times do we have to repeat this?


But Haxxer, editing fixes everything! :v:

Yeah, I didn’t want to mess with editing (aside from combining the screenshots and making them smaller so people wouldn’t have to scroll too much) until I was sure that the poses were good. As well as the aforementioned “lack of editing skill” thing I mentioned earlier.

But is there anything specific about how those poses could be improved?

The posing’s alright mate work on dem camera angles.

Don’t take so many pics.
You only need one (and maybe one alt angle if you feel like it) that incorporates the entire scene.

What are you talking about!? just look how cool i made it look, and it was even super fast!

but it takes a lot of skill to get this result. so maybe you should wait anyway.

I dont know if you’re being sarcastic or not…

Cause that looks like shit.

lol, i was sarcastic. way too many use that blur/overlay effect, and crappy DOF.

according to legend, the titans were before man.

Yeah, I felt that it’d feel a bit more cinematic showing Gojira and GINO individually, despite the lack of editing, but I guess it was a bit excessive.

Show me a nuclear-powered monster that came before nukes were born, let alone man, and I’ll eat my own foot.

I think you don’t understand. They mean “Titan” as in a powerful or large being.

Ever heard of Cronus? Gaea? Atlas?

Yes because a monster born from the radiations of WWII came before the fucking aztecs or the mayans :downs:


He means titans as in large and powerful

And there were titans before man, Kronos for one

Yes, but any person of moderate intelligence could tell you that we’re probably not referring to Greek Titans.