After the Combat.


Looks like some colors are a bit smudged out.
Other than that, great pose.


what map is it

Posing is pretty good.

Very nice,where you get that models(us soldiers,car,woman and map)???

I already said look in the release section, jeez

The soldier nearest the camera, on the far right, looks awkward. It’s particularly noticeable with his arm.

Other than that, it’s fairly well done.

The posing looks fine but the ambulance looks like the cross was taped on as the color stands out a bit much against the camo.

There’s always am mother fucking black guy leaning against a wall. I’m not mad :derp:

Very cool screenshot. What model pack is this again?

Cool but boring.

It’s titled After the Combat for a reason.

ddok1994 is doing the same stuff everytime.
Always soldiers shooting or standing aroung.

And you always do zombie poses, what’s your point?
By the way, I don’t think a civvie doctor would be issued a vest even in modern combat.

Looks like a stag night, nice work though

I don’t think so.
I like it more than zombie poses.