After the End

Well, this time I present to you two pictures, one edited, and one not. Hey, I just noticed that there’s no buildings on the right. Oh well, I guess we can write that off as where the highway used to go.

I’m not really sure that I like the edit version. I only have GIMP, and I’m still not that great at it. This was just kind of an experiment in it. If anyone wants to try editing the original more, feel free to.
Also, I really need to stop using atomic_gm.

Unedited Version:


What’s the difference.

The Edited one has a lower contrast, and has been run through a few different enhances/filters.
Also, it’s a bit brighter.

Pretty dull…stick a person in it!!!

I dunno about that, I’m not very good at posing. I did have some people clustered around a barrel (As in a trash fire) but it really didn’t look good. So I took it out.

this rly like the game of tthe 7 erros… but i can’t see then
i rly can’t see edit man D:

It’s boring. And Pictures are almost the same.