After the invasion. A russian soldier wonders the destroyed city (scenebuild)


The pose is good, but the editing ruins it, using dodge makes everythign weird, try to play with “Fill => Black” and opacity, makes shits waaaaay better.

Where did you get that AK-47 model?

don’t see it.

Oh God, I said make the road dirtier not completely scorch it.

I like the pose and scenebuild, though.

Oh damn! Cpl. Dunn is dead…

Well… I’ve updated it with the original that I edited in-game

his left knee is bent backwards

Since the Humvee fell on it’s side, shouldn’t the minigun also hang to the ground with the barrel ?

Generic rain effects.
** THe will always be generic and badass**

You should read my tutorial to make rain, it’ll help you greatly Euphe.

Film grain would be nice. Not too much though.

is that supposed to be lightning or silly string

Already read it. Me dislikes.