After The Outbreak

A one frame story telling.

Interesting seeing you trying out different things besides lesbian jokes. Would love to see more like this.

the formatting of the text and the overall composition of the image just makes this an eyesore, to be honest

the snow effect is flat-ish but otherwise it’s not bad

Yea a bit. Should have used more than 2 layers for the snow. Rescaling the HSV noise perhaps 4 times with appropriate opacity to get more depth.

Genius idea, brilliant execution. I think the text should have a little less opacity so it doesn’t stand out as much, but that’s just a suggestion than any actual criticism. I love it. Great job, man - particularly good to see you leave your comfort zone a bit and diversify. And also extra points to the other Facepunch members who are giving friendly feedback, you guys are proving your point and being really positive at the same time. High-fives all around!

Also, aside: the text reminded me of one of the early Walking Dead comic issues, where the same thing happened during Winter. Arguably it would still be a problem in the Resident Evil universe because most B.O.W.'s aren’t really undead, but… who cares? :stuck_out_tongue:

Change to the better - still not a fan of glow on the whole thing.

Thanks for the feedback Mythos. For the B.O.W.'s, this isn’t canon. I set it in a world where you only have your classic shambling zombies.
I am a fan of those and not a fan of how the RE story went after game nr. 3.

To be fair, it doesn’t stand out nearly as much here because of the snow.

Composition still isn’t great. If you removed the text and applied the rule of thirds, she would be smack dab in the middle of the frame. The text doesn’t ruin the picture, but it certainly doesn’t help it. You probably would have been better off quoting it outside of the picture and letting the pose and environment do the rest of the story telling for you. And the lighting is relatively flat. Some blues thrown in there would have been nice.

Frankly, I’m just glad to see you using models that fit the environment for once.

I did not use glow here. You might be confusing the smoke and snow edit for it.

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I wanted it hard and flat to reflect the cold environment and unforgiving story behind it. But I guess
it doesn’t always work.

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I see. Well I build the pose around that text. Did not want to do your typical post zombie apocalypse city scene where you toss garbage cans and car wrecks around to create the impression.

the way to make something look cold isn’t to just desaturate it, that just makes it look boring and mostly hideous. you need to use cold colors instead, like pale greyish blues, light greeny-blues, and more saturated but much darker blue for highlights. the first thing you need to establish when making a screenshot is that you’ve made it look INTERESTING - just turning your picture into a slab of grey darkness will not accomplish that.

Needs some more lighting on Sherry, and the text placement and layout is not very nice. Normally when I try to add text to a picture I just do it as a subtitle.

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Something like this. It’s out of the way and fills up empty space.

also, to take this further, every lamp should have a source, and you should always take the reflection of the ground and surrounding props into account. so someone standing knee-deep in snow should have a small blue-grey lamp aimed at them from below, you should replace complete darkness with a single very very dark lamp (usually 0.03 on the brightness scale) unless they’re standing far away from everything else, etc.

I’ll admit I don’t know what effects or editing you usually use. Just calling them what they look like to be honest.

For that matter, I do recommend you fix up her hand and fingerposing. Looks like she’s resting the tips of her fingers on the pack straps as opposed to grabbing it.

With more color it can. In this one, I tried to use various shades of blue to make the scene feel cold.[/t]
I hate using my own examples, but I couldn’t find another one at a moments notice.

Also, fun tip for screenies with snow that lacks depth. Fog and the ep2 volumetric light props can help create some depth with little to no post-editing. In the example above, the only editing I did was some basic color balancing to increase the contrast.

I like it, though it’s a bit empty in the back.

Overall good work.

Honestly? I have to admit I prefer Rastifan’s. His struck me immediately as a letter or a diary page; while I would’ve cropped it so Sherry was centered on the empty right side instead of right next to the text, it was still effective at conveying what it was supposed to be. Yours, no offense, looks like someone was too lazy to do some basic comic-style editing; it’s not really a layout, just white text with glow.

That is more comic style. Not what I was after. My attempt was a diary like pose. Mix a compressed story with a complementary pose. If you get what I mean.

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No it’s fine. Useful tips.

I really like this. Great choice of map and models, great combination engaging text and environmental detail. Nice work!

I felt showing the harsh and cold scene was important. Cropping often prevents you from getting the bigger picture. As a manner of speaking.

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Thanks mcharest:smile: