After the Plane Crash Test

Working on a new machinima for machinima. It involves plane crashes, genetic mutations, spaceships and explosions.

I can dig it.

I really like it.

At all based off of Bioshock?
The description, that is.

No, just a business trip gone wrong.

yeah, I think it’s safe to say that it went wrong.

you can expect this video to be swimming with viewers

Then they end up on an island, with a smoke monster, some other wierdos and a destiny to protect a light inside a cave!

bubbles bubbles bubbles

Dat sound.

Could have used maybe a bit saturation or a pale blue color gel to make it look more like underwater. Pretty awesome either way.

Completely ingame you said in the comments. Pretty fucking impressive.

i don’t usually watch gmod machinima, but damn… that was impressive

Totally has a feel of lost( the show) to it.