After the SDK update my Gmod Config is under source 2009 - Is this where it should be?

Gmod is Source 2007 I believe, but it got moved under Source 2009 in my SDK. Should I/How do I move it back to 2007 version?


Gmod configs.

The only configs I have in SDK is HL2 deathmatch and TF2 so I don’t know what I am supposed to do other than make a gmod config.

Use DM?

I don’t see why there’s so many threads just for one question… there’s a question megathread. Why don’t you just post it there?

For now, no. Make it in the 2007 engine.

I’ve run into a problem - I don’t have any games under the Source 2007 engine so I can’t make a gmod config under that section.
Is there any way around this or does it really matter under which engine I compile maps for gmod?

Do you own ep2?

only source games I own are tf2, gmod, portal (free) and hl2dm (nvidia offer)

Use tf2 config…contains a ton of textures and models from hl2 for some reason.

The only problem is that both tf2 and portal run on the source 2009 engine, so I can’t use those for gmod mapping.

Long story short; No.


Thats @ title.

Yea I was having same problem though lucky for me I have episode2 so I can just install it.