After the update I can no longer connect to any servers

This is the message I’m receiving. Any ideas on how to fix?

no worries, most of us can’t connect because of the idiots attacking the servers

Aren’t they just attacking official servers? Why would you want to play on those?

I think they need to update or restart the servers from the owners so we wait 4 it

I have 2 servers… 1 have this error… the other not…
both from same provider…not sure why this happens but I alredy sent it to my provider regarding only one of my servers are affected…

I’ve restarted server many times and can’t getrid of that error

Same issue, same error. Tried for hours to join my server… got in once then it crashed an hour later… Re-installed the game twice, restarted computer, router and modem several times… Dont know what else to do. Some other servers work fine like this other post indicates, but the server where I have my house doesnt work… Should I contact the server admin to do something or just wait for a patch. This is very annoying

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Additionally, my brother can log on my account onto that server no problem… This seems strange and I thought reinstalling (and deleting the rust folder). No luck. So it must be my IP or something - I tried the ipconfig /release /renew thing. Still no luck… I cannot log into this server only from this computer… Any suggestions?

maybe its server’s side… if i was u i would create a ticket to the company that provide the server