After the zombies came

Ok you folks;
i tryed to make an rly good creenshot with gmod…
This is my first serious try.

This one is a bit smaller than the original.

Gmod only! No gimp or something.
Pls give some comments how i can make it more awesome!

You should have disabled assmod.

I kind of like it.


Edited now ^^

Dont use simple DOF boyo.

Looks pretty good to be honest. You should have turned AA on tho.

How about the light effects?

Wow, I somehow just love this picture, and the fact there is some aliasing makes it better somehow, like it’s the view from a camera that someone couldn’t turn off and died with it in his hands or something, I dunno.


I like the sunbeams coming in through the boards.

Very interesting angle and light effects. Less bulletholes, more AA and it will be perfect.

nice lighting, more aa would make it better

Great idea, poor execution.

Those pesky zombies. Always making a mess.