After Update Fists don't work

Okay so I’m starting a DARKRP and I want to have some weapon to defend yourself and I chose fists but the problem is the way they look. After the update the weapon hold types, most look like your holding the magmum of toolgun. Im really sad and ill give you pictures of what it looks like. Ive tried several tutorials on how to fix yet none work. If anyone can fix these particular fists, I will be so happy.

this is what i want then to look like and not like your holding a pistol

and this is the link to what fists need to be fixed.

Please can you fix them or rather give me a link to working fists or at least tell me how to fix it myself.


Not fixed. The weapon still goes back to the original toolgun-Magmum holdtype. :frowning:

/BUMP I Really need help! Can someone redirect me to a tutorial or just tell me what to do with the file!


/bump HELP



Bumpppppp please help


Hello i need help