After Update Gmod Weld Tool Doesnt Seem To Work

As the title suggest the weld tool isn’t working for me after the update, i wonder if anyone else is experiencing this
Weld - Easy seems to work fine so does smart welding, i tried re-installing, still no luck.

sorry if its in the wrong forum, I’m new to FP

Can you explain like how it isn’t working such as lua errors or something?

it doesn’t show any lua or console errors it just won’t weld, i clicked 2 props they won’t weld

Try reinstalling it?
i don’t think an update can do that? maybe just a coincidence

It did that to me just restart gmod and go on a server then go back into single and it should be fine.

thanks yea its working now

thanks for the help

Weld tool still works for me but I can’t weld stuff to ragdolls, why garry? WHY??

You bumped a year old thread just for this? Go report it on the bugreport, not bumping age old threads.