After update, I see most servers reporting incorrect player counts.

Rcon status command will show: 5/18 Players, but the server list shows 9/18. I see this happening on multiple servers. Restarting server temporarily fixes it, but it will just go back to incorrect counts after a few maps. Anyone got any idea on a fix or do we have to wait on Garry for this one?

I had a friend who runs DOD:S community report the same problem with his DOD:S server. Seems it’s an engine problem.

Well let’s hope Valve knows of this issue then.

It probably is an engine issue, unless you’ve been playing on’s servers lately. They use some kind of fake client script.

I know they do. Valve just released an engine update on TF2, CSS, and other like-wise games. Maybe they already fixed it.

Having this problem aswell, stopping people from joining a full server which isn’t.


Ya mine shows 10 players in it, out of 18, and the it’s actually empty. Now that is nonsense. I hope this gets fixed soon.